Friday, September 3, 2010

Digital Art

These days I´m doing some pinups using a Wacom Bamboo to "ink" digitally. Below there is a piece of Black Beetle, created by Francesco Francavilla. Inital rough was made by pencils, scanned and inked using PS brushes an´ selection.

Here is a pinup of Capitão Feio, a character created by famous brazilian cartoonist Maurício de Sousa. Capitão Feio is a cartoon character, then I did a kind of superhero version from him.

Hope you like it! See you later...


Luís CS said...

Wow, Capitão Feio is reaaally scary! And funny! hahaha

O liked black beetle. He's great. Hey, it's very difficult draw with this tool, i prefer paint or do effects. There are some smoke and clouds and splatter brushes really interesting. Try to use them and you'll see how great they are.

See you again soon

Clayton Barton said...

Looks great. I'm using the Bamboo Tablet at the moment as well. I'm thinking about upgrading to something better soon though. These tablets, if you've had the practice, are really great tools for sketching and inking.