Monday, June 6, 2011

Adventure Comics #527 page 08

Hi, dudes!!
After a long time without posts, I´m back :) And posting a page from Adventure Comics #527, which tells amazing character Comet Queen story. I love to draw this page, its flow and composition, inspired by Phil Jimenez page designs; I´ve tried to put all action needed on this sequence and use contrast very much.
Hope you like it!! See you later (but not so later - :) )


Geraldo Borges said...

Layouts and pencils - Geraldo Borges
Inks - Marlo Alquiza
Colors - HI FI
Letters - John J. Hill

Gilberto Queiroz said...

Muito bom, Geraldo!

Luís CS said...

Man, always great!

Flávio B. Silva said...

Esta narrativa com perdão da palavra foda! Abraço.

KINGRPG said...

Nice CG, This so great skills