Tuesday, June 1, 2010

JLA: the Rise of Arsenal#03 part 02

Hey, guys. I´m posting one of the best sequences that I´ve drawn in my life, a Batman/Arsenal fight (thanks, Mr. Krul). It was a challenge, cos´these pages would be the most intense part of this issue. One of these pages was inspired in Paul Gulacy´s fight sequences.
Credits: Pencils by me/ Inks by Marlo Alquiza.


JJ Marreiro said...

Tava com tempo que eu não via uma sequencia de luta tão verossímel em quadrinho.
E custei a perceber que se tratava de uma luta entre Dick Grayson e Roy Harper, um confronto entre amigos de longa data.

JJ Marreiro said...

Great sequence with fury, impact and excelent storytelling. A great fight between great friends.

Luís CS said...

Man... really... I can't believe... You know... He's Batman. THE Batman. And he's fighting, ok? He's THE Batman fighting and... i don't know. He's a Legend (ok, that's no Bruce Wayne, but still Batman, although Wayne has trained Grayson) and you draw the guy, you know... How's the feeling? the sensation? and they're great pages, we see both are fighters, good ones, and the draws show it, their abilities, skills, training, weapons... you said you references, but these are so "unique"... i have no words... it's amazing. Good work, man... marvelous

Caio Reis said...

Ta massa Geraldo! Detonou mto cara! :)