Thursday, June 24, 2010

Justice League: the Rise of Arsenal#04 - part 01

Hi, guys!! How are you? I hope everybody will be fine :^)
Rise of Arsenal#04 is in the comic shops now and, following the tradition, I´m posting a step-by-step production of a page from this issue. This time, on of the best scenes that I´ve drawn for this mini: a double page showing a fight between Ollie and Roy. Take a look...
The mini ends here, but I hope to meet all of you on another story. I´d like to thank JT Krul for writing good sequences, Marlo for the patience, and Brian and Sean (the editors) for all support and kind words.
Credits: Geraldo Borges - layouts and pencils/ Marlo Alquiza - inks/ Hi Fi - colors
See you soon!!!


Rafael Oliveira said...

Excelente página Geraldo.
Uma dúvida, qual o tamanho do layout?
Parabéns pelo sucesso!!!!

Geraldo Borges said...

Opa, Rafael...
Obrigado pelas palavras. O tamanho pra cada página de layout é A5; no caso da página dupla, tamanho A4.
Até mais...

Luís CS said...

Man, congratulations for the great work you've done with the Arsenal. It's a pleasure follow you and your posts showing all you talentous skills about drawing and storytelling. The double page is really awesome, I think Ollie needed to put his son on line earlier but it happened and that's what matters.

Now, an invite. I'd like to interview you to put in my blog. If you have time and accept it, please, send a mail to and soon I send you the questions.

Again, congratulations. See you in next comic!