Friday, July 16, 2010

Wolverine Sample page 01

Dear friends, how are you?
This post is the first of three pages that I´ve done recently and the main character here is Wolverine... oops, but Wolverine is not here!! Wait for the next ones :)
See you tomorrow!!


Luís CS said...

Hey, man! It's good see your pages again! Dude... Marvel, that's so great! I'm a Marvel fan since... I was born I believe! So it's "marvelous" see a Brazilian drawing their characters. I will keep seeing your blog.

Man, you owe me an interview! hahahaha Hey, I have a comic made by me and friend Kaléo to give to you. Send an e-mail with your adress and I will send you the comic.

Again, great work!

Geraldo Borges said...

Hey, Luís!!
Sorry for the interview. I´ll promise to finish it today!!
And about the address, I´ll send it to you.
Thanks for your kind words... :)Best wishes,